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Travel smartly

Our portal offers lots of possibilities, which will allow everyone to find a place they will immediately fell in love with. Powered by our experience, we can offer visitors all the treasures Slovakia offers.

Compelling and tempting aspect of the portal is the use of Artificial Intelligence that tailors experience to every unique user. It also recommends the most suitable flight tickets, comfortable accommodation and transport options within the country. Now, it is only up to the users to choose their preference.

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goslovakia.travel demo This is one of the first prototypes.

Online Incoming Tour Operator

goslovakia.travel is an incoming tour operator focused on presentation of Slovakia to the people abroad. The portal of the same name will offer tailor-made tours for everyone. Our main goal is to suggest the best offers of relaxing and sightseeing tours.

The company specializes in completely customized tours. We will take care of even the smallest aspects of the planned trip, which includes the choosing the best time to visit Slovakia, flight tickets, preferred accommodation, recommended activities, tips for restaurants and also transits within the country, insurance and visas.

The unique algorithm working on the basis of artificial intelligence, helps with everything regarding the planned trips. It learns the interests and preferences of each client and thanks to this, we can offer completely customized tours priced at the similar price level as the standard tours.

Contact us at info@goslovakia.travel or +421 915 335 118 [SK] or +421 907 598 325‬ [EN]